O mistério Pascal na Homilia: um serviço à comunidade por meio da Liturgia da Palavra






By the look of liturgical science, we try to provide subsidies on the relationship between the Paschal Mystery and the homily and its contribution to the community through the liturgy of the word. At which point the people of God mystagogical makes the experience of the mystery celebrated. Initially defended the hypothesis that the homiletic discourse must be based on the lecture announcement kerygmatic rooted in the Paschal Mystery of Christ. The scientific methodology was developed based on look biographical readings, texts, reflections and found that the homily is still an area of construction and reconstruction of the "ethos" and worldview. The speech by the priest during the homily is the door through which the laity mystagogical will lecture on the ad kerygmatic of experience in the mystery of Christ, a fact that is evident in the first chapter, which shows the epistemological categories that emerged in the research. Find that the Paschal Mystery has a tremendous power of persuasion through its symbols, rites, and especially in celebrations. In the second chapter, we in the homily of the kerygma ethics and pastoral practice: communication, language, aesthetics of oratory. In the third chapter demonstrate some aspects of the homily that lead to a perfect conversion and how the Word read and updated becomes theological foundation (not line) showing why the homily is made during the Liturgy of the Word and as a constituent part of liturgy of the Word, explaining that the Paschal Mystery celebrated in the Word and who celebrates is the keyword for the homiletic discourse is considered effective by the faithful that the legitimate faith


teologia mistério pascal anúncio querigma paschal mystery homilia liturgia da palavra homily advertisement kerygma liturgy of the word

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