O acesso aos serviços do Sistema Único de Saúde no município de Macaé a partir das representações sociais de seus usuários / Access to services the Unified Health System in the city of Macaé from the social representations of theirs users




The purpose of this research was to analyze the social representations of users in relation to the access to health services and actions offered at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels, searching for information to substantiate the discussion on the role of nursing in this system. This is a quantitative, descriptive and exploratory study based on the Theory of Social Representations. The data were collected in 2008 using a questionnaire and a free association technique related to the terms SUS and Macaé health services. The participants included 150 users who had been using the Macaé health services for at least one year, over the 21 age group. The data were analyzed through descriptive statistics, analysis of thematic content, and analysis of the central core of the social representations. Data analysis showed that there is a positive position in the representation when the dimensions of access are evaluated, as well as negative aspects concerning the organization of services. The negative evaluation appears in relation to the care component associated with waiting times and lack of medicine. The biomedical and medical dimensions of care at all levels were also expressly met. The social representation of the Macaé health services raised questions regarding care, while the social representation of the SUS is featured in health and organization. The SUS is seen as a gateway to democratization in the field of health. In order to achieve this, all the players involved in care-giving, such as managers, users and professionals, must assume their role of joint responsibility in the health production process. There is a need for the performance of the nursing and the professional team to be centered on a clinic caring which breaks with the production of procedures focused primarily on prescriptive acts, therefore placing it strategically vis-à-vis the other players to promote the legal progress of daily practice.


atendimento em saúde enfermagem de saude publica sus sus health care acesso aos serviços de saúde social representation serviços de saúde aspectos sociais access to health services representação social sistema Único de saúde (brasil)

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