Kinematical analysis of handball players trajectories obtained by automatic tracking / Analise cinematica das trajetorias de jogadores de handebol obtidas por rastreamento automatico




The collective sports have become object of scientific investigation in many knowledge areas. A lot of these studies need the development of methodology to quantify the analysis variables. The kinematical analysis of players by videogrammetry gives data about player s position in function of time and gives advantages, like the possibility to analyze lots of players simultaneously and the method is not invasive, so it can be applied in competitive situations. Recent works of development of methodology to automatic tracking of soccer players show good results to obtain their trajectories and calculate the covered distance and the velocity of each player. The aim of this work is to propose and evaluate a method of automatic tracking of handball players by videogrammetry and its application on an official game of the Regional Handball League. The specific aims of the work are: a) the specialization of the algorithms and qualify the automatic tracking system developed to soccer for the identification and automatic tracking of handball players; b) realize accuracy tests in controlled environment for the methodology validation; c) to obtain player?s trajectories and calculate the covered distances and the velocities during the game. The results of the evaluation of the system were: systematic error (0,16 m), experimental standard deviation (0,08 m) and accuracy (0,18 m). For the image segmentation was obtained a processing rate of 2,7 fps and the step of blobs splitting increases in 25% the number of players regions identified in the image. For the tracking with two cameras the automatization of the system was evaluated in 75% (average) and an average value of 37 interventions of the researcher during the tracking. For the tracking with four cameras the automatization of the system was evaluated in 84% (average) and an average value of 15.8 interventions of the researcher during the tracking. About the application of the method of automatic tracking for a handball game it was possible to get all the players trajectories. Starting from the trajectories it was possible to calculate the covered distance and the velocity. The average of the covered distances by the players was 4631,6 ± 361,6 m. The distribution of the velocities of all players to 27 minutes of analysis was: stopped (4.2 ± 0,9 min); walking (16,5 ± 1 min); slow running (4,8 ± 0,6 min); fast running (1,2 ± 0,3 min); sprint (0,3 ± 0,1 min). It was developed and presented forms of data visualization, like: a) representation of trajectories in agreement to players velocities; b) principal components analysis (PCA) of players trajectories; c) development of two interfaces for kinematics data visualization. The purposed method was satisfactory for the identification of the kinematics variables during competitive situations.


rastreamento automatico biomecanica automatic tracking kinematical analysis cinematica handebol handball biomechanics

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