Gerenciamento de projetos: análise dos fatores de risco que influenciam o sucesso de projetos de sistemas de informação / Management projects: analysis of risk factors that influence the success of projects in information systems




This research is about project management, especially in the context of information systems area, where there are specific characteristics and relationships among elements like : technology , business processes, change management, human behavior and subjective product specification. The rate of information system project failure remains high in comparison with other high-tech projects. The main objective of this research is to contribute to the knowledge in the area of project management, focusing in the investigation of risk factors that can influence on the perceived success of the project. One of the challenges was to define concepts and to conceive objective measures to assess the events associated with risk management and project success. Sustained in the literature and other similar researches, it was built a instrument with which several dimensions of risk and success were assessed in a sample of 180 information system projects. Each dimension was divided into classes and each class was detailed by variables composed by metric indicators in its majority. After the gathering and validation of the data sample, some statistical techniques were applied to talk over the behavior of dependencies between risk and success factors. The analysis of direction and intensity of the influence of each risk factor over each success factor has reproduced some knowledge from the literature and other researches, but the level of details that was able to get by the statistical techniques shed some light over some aspects that were unrevealed. The conclusions presented in this research can be considered by project managers who work with information technology products, more specifically those who work with systems information development or deployment . Besides, the analysis achieved in this work can help to create practical procedures for risk management methodologies, since the list of influences and dependencies of risk factor over success factors are better known, allowing improvements in a active risk management policy.


management of projects risco em projetos gestão de projetos correlação canônica análise multivariada statistics success in projects sucesso em projetos multivariate analysis estatística aplicada risk in projects

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