Expansão urbana e meio ambiente : representação social dos agentes da construção civil em João Pessoa - PB




In the city, although it is in effect the built space, since the 19th century there is the concern with the maintenance of green areas, in other words, with the urban environmental matter. So being, the proposal of this work is to analyse the perception of the builders, universe of professionals who work with the building of the city: engineers, architects and constructors in general, in the city of João PessoaPB, highlightning some questions about the environmental matter. For such, it was used a semi-structured interview with open and multiple choice questions, in order to investigate the perception of the interviewees according to the specifications of each professional category. The researchs conclusion was that, although apparently distincts, the three groups of professionals have certain uniformity in the understanding of the urban environmental matter. The three categories understand as environmental elements of the city: Jardim Botânico, also known as Mata do Buraquinho, Arruda Câmara Park green space located in the city comercial center, the beaches, the Lagoa (Solon de Lucena Park) and also the Woods, in reference to the traces of Atlantic Forest. It was noticed that, although some professionals distinguish the importance of this natural elements in the city, the majority gives priority to the construction, verticalization and the heavy ocupation of the city. Besides it was verified that the subjectivity of the matter involves the interviewees, in a way which aparent contradictions appear provoking ambiguites, unique oscilation between knowledge about the environmental matter and "realty" practice


environment urbanization representação social urbanização percepção ambiental ecologia perception ambiental meio ambiente social representation

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