Estudo dos fatores ambientais associados a psoriase cutanea e lingua geografica




Psoriasis is a chronic cutaneous disease whose oral condition is more frequently associated to benign migratory glossitis. Aspects as epidemiological association, basic lesions and microscopic characteristics similarly support the idea that benign migratory glossitis is the true form of oral psoriasis. This study was done having the objective of identifying the environmental factors associated to cutaneous psoriasis and benign migratory glossitis, and to investigate their interactions. The regarded environmental factors were alcohol and tobacco consumption, emotional stress, past surgeries, atopy and drugs eruptions. 6.000 dermatological patients were studied from the records of the dermatological ambulatory, independently of age, gender or ethnic group. The sample was made up of 129 patients with cutaneous psoriasis, 399 with benign migratory glossitis and a control group of 5472 individuals. The patients suffering from cutaneous psoriasis presented benign migratory glossitis simultaneous or not, but the patients of the benign migratory glossitis group didn t present psoriasis. The statistical analysis through the method of qui-square for the verification of the association of the environmental factors with cutaneous psoriasis "and benign migratory glossitis was done. The methods of coefficient of Phi, contingency coefficient and V of Cramer were used for the evaluation of the degree of the found associations. From the results obtained by the statistical analysis, we verified that: a) The prevalence of the alcohol consumption was significantly increased in the patients of the psoriasis group in relation to the control. This was not observe in patients of the benign migratory glossitis group. b) Tobacco consumption presented a negative association, although weak, with the patients of the benign migratory glossitis group. As for the psoriasis group no statistically significant association was found. c) Past surgeries showed significant association in the patients of the psoriasis group, when compared to the control group and patients of the benign migratory glossitis group. d) Atopy and drugs eruptions didn t show significant differences. e) The emotional stress was the most important factor present in the two study groups, being substantially higher in the patients of the psoriasis group than to the patients of the benign migratory group. f) Emotional stress and alcoholism together presented higher incidence in the study groups. g) Emotional stress and tobacco consumption together showed three times more the incidence in patients of the psoriasis group in relation to patients of the benign migratory glossitis group. h) The association of the emotional stress, alcoholism and tobacco consumption was four times higher in the group with psoriasis than the control group. This association was not expressive in the group with benign migratory glossitis. These data allow the conclusion that the interactions between psoriasis and environmental factors differ from the interactions between benign migratory glossitis and environmental factors. These differences among interactions may be responsible for different forms of manifestations of these diseases, considering being both same disease


stress (psicologia) psoriase estomatologia

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