Estresse e modos de enfrentamento em portadores de doenças inflamatórias intestinais / Emotional stress and coping strategies in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases




This work aimed at assessing emotional stress and coping strategies in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD): Cohns disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC), as well as studying the relationships between this psychological variables and demographical and clinical characteristics. Groups of patients with CD and UC (N=25) were compared with equal number of subjects from two control groups: healthy caregivers (HC) and patients with other digestive diseases (DC). Validated and standardized psychological tools, such as a stressful live events scale and a ways of coping questionnaire were utilized. Results showed that substantial proportions (64 80%) of subjects pertaining to each of the four groups were under severe stress, with a number of inter-group differences regarding the most quoted stressful event. Severe stress was associated with older age in CD patients, and with disease activity in UC patients. Regarding coping strategies, IBD patients showed an increased proportion of utilization of confrontation (40% vs. 12%; p=0.01), when compared to the DC group. In the CD group, there was a higher proportion of patients utilizing the problem solving strategy, than in the UC group (96% vs. 80%; p=0.05). In the UC group, the proportion of patients utilizing the avoidance strategy (96%) was significantly greater (p=0.05) than in both DC (80%) and HC (76%) groups. In IBD patients, coping styles seemed to be affected by sex (only in the CD group), educational level and disease activity, as well as by disease duration and severe stress (only in the UC group). Our data therefore show that severe emotional stress occurs not only in IBD and other digestive disease patients but also in their caregivers. CD and UC patients show different coping styles, which seems also to be affected by distinct demographical and clinical variables. These findings should be taken into account when designing psychological interventions, which are needed for a more comprehensive health care.


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