Efeito da modificação com estrôncio na microestrutura e nas propriedades mecânicas da liga 356 / Effect of strontium on the microstructure and mechanical properties alloys 356






The properties of aluminum-silicon alloys are strongly dependent on the casting process used, the chemical additions made to control eutectic structure, primary silicon and grain structure, and molten metal treatment to reduce hydrogen gas content and to remove inclusions. Modification treatments transform the flake eutectic silicon into a fibrous form producing a structure with increased ultimate tensile strength, ductility, hardness, and machinability. Elements in groups I and II and the rare earths europium, lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, and neodymium modify, but only sodium and strontium produce a strong modifying action at the low concentration required for commercial application. In this investigation, the effect of strontium concentration on the modification of the eutectic silicon in the 356 alloy was studied. For this porpoise the 356 alloy in as-cast and modified conditions using different Sr concentrations were examined. The results were accessed by tensile tests and metallographic examinations. As evaluated the effect of strontium in the formation temperature and the supercoiling of eutectic Al-Si through DTA. The results indicate that the Sr content of from 0 012% by weight resulted in total of Si modification with substantial increases in the toughness of the alloy 356, and supercoiling of 7.1 C temperature of the eutectic Al-Si. The indication of from 0.031% by weight mechanical properties, and temperature of the eutectic microstructure way similar to the alloys of the semi - modified but still higher than the same properties of the alloy without modification.


propriedades mecânicas microestrutura temperatura do eutético estrôncio aluminum-silicon alloys modification eutectic silicon mechanical properties microstructure eutectic temperature strontium engenharia de materiais e metalurgica liga de alumínio-silício modificação eutético de silício

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