Efeito da creatina e do piruvato sobre alguns parâmetros comportamentais e bioquímicos em ratos submetidos à administração intra-hipocampal de fenilalanina






The objective of this work was to investigate the possible preventive effect of pyruvate and creatine (substances with energetic and antioxidant properties) on the behavioral and biochemical alterations caused by intrahippocampal administration of phenylalanine (Phe) in Wistar rats. It was developed a experimental chemical model of phenylketonuria(PKU) by injecting Phe into the hippocampus of adult Wistar rats, achieving similar levels than those verified in the brain of affected patients. Pyruvate and creatine prevented behavioral alterations induced by Phe in habituation in the open field task. Pyruvate and creatine did not cause effect on animal behaviour in the open field task, but they prevented the Phe effects on exploratory activity. Phe, pyruvate and creatine did not compromise emotionality of the animals in the open field task. Stress oxidative parameters were measured looking for evidences of a mechanism for which the high Phe concentration could result in the behavioral alterations. Phe provoked the increase of TRAP, which is a measure of the concentration of nonenzymatic antioxidant substances, mainly GSH and thioredoxin, and of TAR, which is a measure of the quality of nonenzymatic antioxidant substances, as well as of the Total sulfhydryl groups, which is a measure of GSH, thioredoxin and thiol-groups of proteins, in the hippocampus of the rats. TBARS, which is a measure of lipoperoxidation, was decreased by Phe administration. Pre-treatment with pyruvate and creatine did not altered stress oxidative parameters, but fully prevented the alterations induced by Phe administration, reinforcing the hypothesis that the first contact of the hippocampus with Phe provokes reactive oxygen and nitrogen species formation, inducing increase of antioxidant defenses. These results also suggest a possible relationship between the inhibition of piruvate kinase and creatine kinase activities in the behavioral alterations caused by Phe. In perspective, pyruvate and creatine are diet supplements to be considered as adjuvant agents to the present therapy of phenylketonuric pacients based only on Phe-restricted diet.


fenilalanina comportamento animal modelos animais de doenças creatina Ácido pirúvico

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