Compreendendo o consumo de bebidas alcoólicas através do olhar d@s adolescentes / Understanding the consumption of alcoholic beverages through adolescents view.




Alcohol consumption in adolescence, evidenced by national and international research, is a relevant issue with repercussions in different sectors of society. However, the reasons that cause this behavior are little studied. This qualitative research, carried out between 2006 and 2009, aimed to understand the socially constructed representations of adolescents, concerning the consumption of alcoholic beverages and analyze the factors that influence these representations. The study venue was a Family Health Unit in the city of Feira de Santana, state of Bahia, Brazil. Subjects were twenty-one adolescents of both genders, aged between ten and sixteen years. Observation, focus groups and semi-structured interviews were used for data collection. Data analysis was carried out through the interpretation of the meanings. Two categories were identified from subjects report: drinking much and in group, which is close to the concept of binge drinking. Besides this, being in group evidences the socializing character of drinking, with the feeling of belonging expressed by subjects through the following sentences: my father drinks, it is pressure from friends and everybody drinks! Adolescents reports demonstrated that this acceptance permeates the adoption of common practices, which also mean a rite of passage to adult world. Factors that influence this representation are adults attitudes to alcohol, especially from the paternal figure, and the influence of what is released by media. Another category identified was it is fun, there are fights, crimes and even death, in which adolescents highlighted the consequences of the consumption of alcoholic beverages through physical and behavioral alterations and the occurrence of accidents. This shows they clearly know the interface between the abusive use of alcohol and violence in its different ways. The position this substance has in adolescents thoughts demonstrates they attribute it the representation of a symbolic capital and that it is currently related to the capitalist social structure, having contradictions between what is recommended and the way the society deals with this issue. Another topic to be underlined is the precariousness of protective factors and the existence of vulnerability factors. Thus, rethinking public policies targeting this age group and this problem is needed, through a comprehensive, intersectorial and multidisciplinary approach.


representações sociais adolescent beverage alcohol social representations adolescente bebida alcoólica

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