Avaliação espectrofotométrica da clareação caseira e de consultório sob o braquete ortodôntico em esmalte e dentina / Spectrophotometric evaluation of home and office bleaching treatment under orthodontic bracket in enamel and dentin






The objective of this study was to evaluate, through espetrofotometria reflectance, the effectiveness of dental bleaching under the orthodontic bracket, in black tea dyed enamel and dentin, using carbamide peroxide 15% and hydrogen peroxide and 38%. The sample consisted of 32 bovine incisors sectioned into blocks of 8 mm x 8 mm , with 1 mm of enamel and 1.5 mm of dentin. The color evaluation was performed by means of a spectrophotometer (Minolta CM 700D) using the CIE L * a * b * color measurement. The specimens were divided into 4 groups (n = 8) using the following factors: bleaching technique (15% carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide at 37%) and bond brackets. Only groups 1 and 3 were subjected to metal bonding bracket. As for bleaching, groups 1 and 2 were subjected to dental bleaching Opalescence PF Regular (carbamide peroxide at 15%), 4 hours per day for 21 days. Groups 3 and 4 were submitted to 3 treatment sessions using whitening Opalescence Boost PF Regular (hydrogen peroxide 37%). Readings were taken before and after the bleaching treatment and 7 days after completion of treatment, enamel and dentin, and in the center and edge of the enamel specimens after 7 days of completion of treatment. Data analysis was performed using the paired t test to verify the effectiveness of the bleaching treatment (initial and final) color stability and 7 days after bleaching (late and 7 days) for each color coordinated, and two-factor analysis of variance and Tukey test, for each substrate (enamel and dentin) and color coordinated. The home bleaching technique proved to be more effective as compared to the office, since the color teeth values for home bleachin tones closer to the neutral (gray and white) of the values of the office. There was significant difference between the color values between the margin and the center of the specimens that was bondinb brackets. It can be concluded that the presence of brackets hurt the effectiveness of the bleaching treatment, both performed by the home and the office.


dentes - clareamento espectrofotometria ortodontia tooth bleaching spectrophotometry orthodontics

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