Algoritmos para o custo médio a longo prazo de sistemas com saltos markovianos parcialmente observados / Algorithms for the long run average cost for linear systems with partially observed Markov jump parameters






In this work we are interested in the optimal control for the long run average cost (LRAC) problem for linear systems with Markov jump parameters (LSMJP), using heuristic methods like first generation evolutionary algorithms - genetic algorithm (GA) - and second generation algorithms including UMDA (Univariate Marginal Distribution Algorithm) and BOA (Bayesian Optimization Algorithm). We have developed a scheme that employs different problems with intermediate levels of observation of the Markov chain, starting with complete observation and shifting to the partial observation problem. The aforementioned methods have been implemented using this scheme. Moreover, in order to compare the methods, we use an algorithm for generating a number of LSMJP and we present a basic statistical analysis of the results. Finally, we present some results on the LRAC with stabilizing control and some partial results on the uniqueness of the solution


algoritmos genéticos controle ótimo genetic algorithms linear systems markov process optimal control processos de markov sistemas lineares

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