Adolescência: um efoque sobre o consumo de bebidas alcoólicas




The present study is basead on the principal aim of identify, analyze and argue factors that interfere in the teenagers behavior in the different cultural realities and in this context, also check the alcohol consumption, ins this well the optics of the youngs from the south of Santa Catarina about this licit drug. The searched subjects are five hundred and thirty-two teenagers from the municipal districts of Braço do Norte, Grão Pará, Gravatal, Orleans, Rio Fortuna and São Ludgero. It used as datas collection instruments a qualitative field research, with questionnaire application, observation, interview semi-structured and documental analysis. After the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the datas it noted that about the biological development, many characteristics are universal and have no relation with culture and that also there is a very great number of similarities in the behavior of the young people from same cultural context, besides the singular way of feel, think and act of each teenager. It concluded that the teenagers, at least the great majority, have admiration and respect by their parents, hope that their parents could serve them as parameter and that they also could enable an open and true dialog, thwarting the so disseminates connotation of adolescence as a difficult and conflited phase. It identifies the conflict as fomentation for construction of the teenager identity and for the comprehension of what it means. The similar actions and reactions are also present in the drugs problem, more specifically in the alcohol consumption. The ingestion of alcoholic drinks initiates very early, mostly in parties and is friends company, without great preoccupations with the effects or possible consequences of this act. In general terms, this study points the importance of a more optimistic and less general vision by the adults about teenagers and the need of a preventive work about drugs ruled in the feeling, in the expectations, in the aspirations and in the creative potential of each young, following an educational conception destitute of myths and prejudices and based on affectivity.


bebidas alcoólicas juventude drogas educacao adolescentes

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