A saúde como estratégia de desenvolvimento local: o caso de São José do Rio Preto.




The thesis analyzed the experiences in the health decentralization while institutional innovations of a State Reform, characterized for the implementation of SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde) in the problem of the public health in the Brazilian society. This reform provided the state-owned financing for the management forms and social organizations. It researched the health care as the local developing strategies through innovations of requested technologies and offered by this sector. Based on Abraham Maslows Theory of Human Needs Hierarchy, it developed a new conceptual structure that contributed to the public management of local development process meanwhile the health care system is one its strategies. This research aims at verifying the health care sector contribution to the social economic development of São José do Rio Preto city. The research methodology was the case study, an exploratory investigation using the most appropriate methodology for the best comprehension of the social phenomena. Understood as complex and dynamics, these phenomena are expressed in an interactive form in heterogeneous contexts. It was used bibliographic research, documentary analyze, semi-structured interviews with agents and leaders of the science, technology and health care sector. The results are: a) characterization of urban evolution of São José do Rio Preto, b) a study of local policies of incentive for the industrial development, c) identification of the most important local and health care policies, d) characterization of the contributions of technical and local development strategies. The conclusion of the selected data will subsidize and orient educative projects in the choice of strategies in the area of health care system.


health economics public health economia e gestão da saúde teoria das necessidades humanas economy and health care management descentralización theory of human needs econom?a de la salud saúde publica salud publica municipalização da saúde descentralização economia da sa?de municipal health care decentralization saude publica

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