A passagem do FUNDEF para o FUNDEB em um município de Goiás




Fundef leaded in 1998 the distribution of financial resources to States and Municipal Districts based on the number of pupils enrolled on elementary schools. In 2006, upon ten years of its development, Fundef was amplified and replaced by Fundeb, which will be in operation until 2020. This research aimed to analyze the impacts generated in short term by the replacement of Fundef by Fundeb, including the levels and the modalities of teaching and education taken into priority in the new distribution of financial resources. The theme studied straitened the term of the research to the last two years of Fundef operation (2005-2006) and to the first two years of Fundeb operation (2007-2008). The study was taken in one municipal district of RIDE District Distrito Federal Integrated Area. This study can be classified as an exploratory research and was conducted based on the analysis of aggregated financial and educational data, on the analysis of primary information resources and on interviews with managers through focus groups. The results indicate that the establishment of Fundeb raised the number of student enrollments in elementary education, enhanced the value of the professionals that work in educational field, gave more funds for teachers qualification, raised teachers wage and made possible a more effective social supervision of education expenditures. It can be concluded that there was amplification on the financial resources distributed to the District and a rise of the number of student enrolled in schools. Therefore, the main challenge will be to keep the students in schools and to reach success.


educational policies and management políticas educacionais educacao educação básica elementary education financiamento da educação education financing gestão da educação

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