A inspiração no canto erudito : um estudo sobre sequências de ações geradas pelo controle mental permanente resultando em eficiência inspiratória / The breathing in opera singing : a study on sequences of actions induced by the conscious control of the respiratory system






A vocal technique is a powerful tool when constructing a very complex instrument such as the voice. Studying vocal techniques is a path that must be accomplished without being avoided by whoever wants to study singing. The work presented on this thesis contains a research carried out aiming to make the act of air breathing in easier in the erudite singing. A research like this justifies and, certainly, will be able to contribute to lyrical singing, especially in the academic area. Searching a theoretical foundation which helps us bringing conclusions to our research, we highlight the convenient and specified bibliography (but consciously limited), the experience and personal research that brought to our own conceptual thoughts about what is being offered by singers and students of lyrical singing. To be able to found our work, we have searched among others, books from erudite music singers and singing teachers such as: Lilli Lehmann, Lucien Manén, Franzisca Martinessen-Lohmann, Hilde Sinnek, Harald Stamm, Jon Piso, Paulo L. Moreira, or doctors who study the voice matters such as Whitaker.


singing opera técnica vocal canto opera vocal technique

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