A formação para a segurança do trabalho nos projetos pedagógicos dos cursos de graduação




The present dissertation has as its main investigation the formation for safety at work in pedagogical projects in the graduate courses of Administration, Engineering and Technology. In the delimitation of the theme and the selection of the sample, considered the relevance of itself in the academic formation of professionals in the exact science and social areas, involved in safety in their working processes. The problem that guided the research was : how do pedagogical projects in graduate courses have been focusing on the formation for safety and hygiene at work? The construction of the answer to the problem of this research was possible by achieving the objectives throughout the process of writing this dissertation. On the analysis, the project focuses the formation for safety at work in the graduate courses, mentioned above, was done having the national curriculum (or scholar) guidelines as a basis. This analysis started by considering the theoretical framework of the research which, on its turn, served as a filter to analyse (investigate) the data colected at the field research. The process of survey and analysis of the data obtained in this research effectively helped to verify if safety at work is being contemplated in pedagogical projects in the courses investigated and analyse the manifestations that institutions managers and graduate students have of the formation for security at work. The synthesis of the data from the theoretical and field research have allowed the establishment of competences to act at safety at work.


ensino superior educacao segurança do trabalho educação - estudo e ensino

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