A construção de um projeto politico pedagogico




Once the importance of the existence of Political Pedagogical Project within the educacional institutions has been recognized, we decided to take a closer look into analysing its construction , which have been performed by educational workers, and the observation of the work system adopted by such worhers in making the Project viable and its influences, even though indirect, on adjacent groups such as new teachers, students, employees, parents, group of volunteer parents and management. The inclusion of these groups in the analysis process will create new possibilities and make the Project even more viable. As a result, such analysis enable us to consider the different positions adopted by such segments in relation to the development of the Project. It was trough interviews and research done by a researcher who followed the whole process that such opinions were gathered. The ways which group of teachers chose to construct the Political Pedagogical Project on a colletive basis were also analysed, aiming to effectively organize a practive where student in the actual center and motivator of the knowledge process. The theory used interpret the acquired data is based on the ideas of Pistrak (1981). The russian educator emphasizes, amongst other affirmations, the importance of the elements which form the pedagogical work and how these elements can construct the Political Pedagogical Project in the educacional institutions involving methodological unit, educacional principle and collective work and students self-organization. The intention of the above work is to contribute to the example of a possible practice for schools aiming to construct their own pedagogical project, on a global and participating basis, through a colletive work involving all its constituent elements.


professores politica e educação planejamento educacional professores e alunos trabalho escolas

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