Influência de parâmetros de processo na obtenção de sílica a partir de cinza da casca de arroz pela ação de Fusarium oxysporum


Quím. Nova




In this work, an experimental design was used to analyze the influence of process parameters on the production of extracellular enzymes such as β-glucosidase and peroxidase, and their possible effect on the obtention of soluble and nanostructured silica from rice husk ash by the action of the fungus Fusarium oxysporum. Specifically, pH, fermentation time and glucose concentration in the culture medium were varied. Statistical analysis indicated that the silica synthesis in the aqueous medium was strongly dependent on pH and time. Although the glucose concentration does not exert a direct influence on the biosynthesis of silica, it is an important parameter in the production of extracellular enzymes. To prevent enzyme inhibition and provide higher dissolution of silica, it is recommended to work at a pH close to neutral with a glucose concentration of 3 g L-1 for at least 144 h.


exact and earth sciences

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